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Recently, I discovered this online website (Online Makeup Store) that sells Indian drugstore make up at the most affordable prices ever. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you start reading about the products I bought:

  1. These products are by Indian drugstore brands that are not easily found in stores. Which is why I was very excited to see them online!
  2. You might find these products on websites like Amazon and Flipkart but at a very high price. I don’t know why that is because Indian drugstore brands are not meant to be this pricey. The prices from where I bought these products sound just about right.
  3. Yes, the products I used were 100% authentic. (Although, I did see some Kylie cosmetics on the website, I can’t guarantee about those).
  4. I did see some products starting at  INR 20 as well. By the time I could get my hands on them, it was sold out! However, I managed to pick a few to review for you guys.
  5. No, this is not a sponsored post. I really thought it would be interesting to try the products and review it for you guys. I have paid for all the items that you see in this post.
  6. Some of the products did not work for me and some of them I loovvee! My views are 100% honest.


  • Name: Incolor Baked highlighter
  • Shade: High Beam
  • Price: INR 300

Okay, this is like the most expensive thing in this haul and my absolute favourite. This pan is so effin GORGEOUS! The swatch here is just one swipe into the pan. It looks silver and has some gorgeous gold reflects! I think this works well for almost all Indian skin types because it is gold and silver. I love this one. Buy it right away!

  • Name: ADS Banana Powder
  • Shade: 
  • Price: INR 175

This loose powder is quite good in my opinion. It works perfectly for baking and setting your make up. My only issue is that it has huge holes which gives a lot of extra product. This also is a little too fair so I would not recommend it for dark skin tones. Top is a finger swatch of the product and down is the same amount of product blended into my skin.

  • Name: ADS Single Blush
  • Shade: 5
  • Price: INR 60

The product comes in a plastic case with a tiny brush (Does not work, but I appreciate it). Top is a finger swatch and bottom is a swatch with the tiny brush. It has a little bit of fall out as well. This shade is not the best for my skin due it’s cool undertone. However, I think it is good product.

  • Name: HR make up removing wipes
  • Variant: Jasmine
  • Price: INR 75 for 25 wipes

I love make up removing wipes. It is perfect for lazy girls, gets rid of all the make up with no fuss. This pack is the cheapest make up removing wipes I have ever come across. It is effective and does not irritate the skin at all. You can see in the above images how it cleaned my hand in two swipes. You guys should definitely give this a go!


  • Name: Miss Claire Eyeshadow
  • Shade: 0210
  • Price: INR 150

This is the only eye product I could pick from their eye collection because they have a lot of palettes and I didn’t need one. I love this little eye shadow. It does not have a lot of fall out and blends well. I like this shade for the crease as well as all over the lid. There are quite a few shades available in this range for you to try. Top is a finger swatch of the shadow and bottom is a brush swatch. It is quite build able too.


  • Name: NOIYN wine lip tint
  • Shade: 04
  • Price: INR 85

I found this bottle a little cute, the product did not work out for me AT ALL. This product has a sweet scent but it tastes so bitter! It does not even show up on my lips. Also, it does not sit well on the lips and it won’t even stain the lips. BAD PRODUCT.

  • Name: Hengfang Extravaganza Lipstick
  • Shade: 164
  • Price: INR 80

This is a pretty coral shade. The product feels a little plastic-y but after a few swatches it works just fine! It lasts for about 2-3 hours on your lips but it won’t survive a meal. Top is 3-4 swatches of the product and bottom is 1 swatch. I think its perfect for college because it isn’t ‘in your face’ but you can build it as you like.

  • Name: Hengfang Kiss Callectar Lipstick
  • Shade: 168
  • Price: INR 80

This is probably my most favourite lipstick. I love the colour. It will  last you a good 3-4 hours. Once it fades away, it leaves  a pretty stain on your lips as well. I think this lipstick is great if you are on a budget.

And that is all for today’s post. I hope you guys love and appreciate this. Here is a link to where you can shop these and more products from – Online Makeup Store. Do let me know if you would like to see more of such blog posts and I would love to do it.

Until next time, Aashi Adani.





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