So, with spring (almost summers in India) around the corner, I decided to put together two looks that easy to pull off, especially when the weather decides to be too hot and too cold on the same day (You get my point, right?). Let’s see what they are:

My first outfit would HAVE to include culottes, they are like the ugliest but coolest wardrobe basic out there. They’re kinda like shorts, kinda like trousers, and kind of the most comfortable things you’ll ever put on. I agree that they are not the easiest to accept in your wardrobe because it took me a while to even feel confident enough to try them on. But trust me, once you get into them, you will hate wearing your denims. It is THAT comfortable.  So for today’s look, I tucked this maroon spaghetti in beige Culottes. I think it looks great when paired with my flats, sunglasses and a solitaire chain. My outfit is from De Moza stores, they cater to fashionable basics at such an affordable price! You can find the spaghetti top here and the culottes here.

For my second look, I am going to stick to my favourite Little Black Dress. The little black dress is the best because incredibly versatile and effortlessly stylish. And while you don’t need to completely obliterate your savings when buying one, this is a piece that’s worth investing in. This simple dress can prove to be a perfect base for adding things to change it up from occasion to occasion. You can accessorize the this with anything from a big statement necklace to a contrast blazer or chubby jacket, and no one will ever know that you’ve worn it before. In my case, I decided to throw on an embroidered stole. I love how this look came together.


And, that is all for today’s post. You can find my LBD here. If you are somebody looking for great quality basics for a casual day out, do not forget to check out De moza store’s Website.

Until next time, Aashi Adani.



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