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I have seen that a lot of you are confused about shopping online, especially from website that aren’t based out of India. It is safe to say that I am your best adviser on this subject because I haven’t stepped my foot in a clothing store for over a year now. I love shopping from these websites because they have super trendy outfits and are at a reasonable price. Here is an easy step  by step guide to shopping online (especially from foreign countries):

  1. USE TRUSTED WEBSITES: Most websites do not provide cash on delivery. Yes, that is sad. Since you are making an advance payment with your card, please make sure to use trusted websites. Some from which I shop are SheIn, Romwe, Ali Express and Wish.
  2. REGISTER: A lot of these websites give a $3 off coupons when you register your email ID. Do It. This will also get you an email notification every time there is an update on your order.
  3. SALES: Most websites have a sale throughout the year, so make sure to check those sections first. They have really trendy products at an insane price.
  4. CHECK QUALITY: Once you see something you like, scroll down, make sure to read their size guide and the fabric used. Sometimes, the outfit may look like it is made of a thick material, but it might not be. Read the material used in the outfit before you decide to purchase it.
  5. SHIPPING: Check if a website charges extra on shipping and the days of shipping before you place your order. It is mentioned at the end of the page under ‘Shipping Policy’ SheIn has free shipping on orders above 50$ (I usually end up shopping with my friends so the total bill is above 50$).
  6. EXTRA : If a website doesn’t show you the conversion rate from $ to INR, it will be the highest it has been over a month or so (currently it is 1$ = INR 67.52). If you are using websites like SheIn and Romwe, they have some shipping charges but deliver in about 15 days. Apps like Ali Express and Wish have free shipping but will take about a month to 45 days to get to you. Order a small package of 1 – 2 items for you to check first, if you like it, only then place a bulk order.

Now that you are have all the information you need about shopping online, let me quickly show you pictures from my shoot wearing an outfit by SheIn.

This dress was love at first sight for me. This dress has my top 3 trends – Choker, Ruffles and Off Shoulder in one dress! I also love the dusty pink shade. This is such an elegant outfit! It also makes it look more put together because of the suede material. The quality of this dress and how it fits me just made fall in love! I have kept the accessorizing very minimalist. Only wearing a pair of heels and sporting a messy bun.

I hope you like this post and it clarified all your doubts about shopping online. If you have any more questions, please feel free to mail me about it. Also, you can find this gorgeous dress for yourself here.

Until next time, Aashi Adani!


Photo Courtesy – Siddharth Shah




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