I don’t really touch the ethnic side of my wardrobe unless I have to attend a wedding, and if you are anything like me, I’m sure you will relate to this. Having a lot of ethnic outfits but just one pair of silver or golden heels to go with it. I never really thought anything more than that was necessary until I received this gorgeous pair of juttis from JuttiChoo. The minute I wore them, I realised how wrong I was about not needing anything else for ethnic outfits.

Here where you are barely being able to manage walking straight in a heavy saree or lehena and so much jewellery, you’re just increasing your trouble by putting on a pair of heels. Juttis are the most practical option as well. They definitely stand out and are so easy to carry. It is almost like you’re wearing flats. 

This pista green and golden pair is so versatile and will go with a lot of my outfits as well. It is most definitely the prettiest pair of shoes I own. I am pairing these juttis with a white high slit kurti designed by me and green leggings to make it pop. You can see how these juttis make it look really pretty.

 If you’re looking for a pair that will go with all your outfits, you can opt for something all golden from JuttiChoo’s Website and Instagram. They have a huge variety of designs and patterns and I am sure that you will not be disappointed. 

Until next time, Aashi Adani ?

Photo Courtesy – Vedika Parekh


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