With monsoons, come puddles and dirt always attacking your feet and painting it brown. We always try a hundred different things for our face, hands and legs but often tend to neglect our feet. They need some special care too. 
So for that, Jean Claude Biguine, has come up with a dry pedicure treatment which is absolutely amazing and it completely transforms how your feet feel.

They started off by putting my legs in this Potpourri Aqua Soak in some hot water which deeply cleansed my feet.

 This was followed by cutting and filing my nails and also pushing in my cuticles which is very essential for your nails. 

After that, they used this peditrix machine to remove all the dead skin from my feet. This was absolutely mind blowing for me because it made my feet feel baby – like.

 Then comes the ‘dry’ pedicure part, where they used a foot mask which is really hydrating. This is all the moisture your feet need. It was kept on for about 10mins and then they massaged it well into my feet.

 Then the last and my absolute favourite part was the nail painting. And tah – dah! 

 I was so happy with the pedicure and it actually made such a great difference to my feet so much so that I couldn’t stop touching my feet and telling my friends to see how soft they had become.? I’d definitely recommend each and every one of you to go try it out!

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Until next time, Aashi Adani ?


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