When it comes to dressing up, casual is the key for me. I have a huge pile of just printed tees in my wardrobe and I love them because styling them is very easy. It can be made dressy as well as super casual. My today’s look is this printed tee which has my favourite sitcom’s reference. 

I received this from The Souled Store. It is an online portal which offers a variety of  amazing products including printed Tees, boxers, quirky posters and notebooks, shoes, pyjamas, mugs and A LOT MORE! I am wearing this tee with a blue skirt and black flats. Dressy and comfort is my favourite combination. You can find a print of your favourite fictional character and TV show as well.

I am currently using this diary from The Souled Store because it is SO ME to plan the blog, so if there’s a delay in new posts you know why. From witty one liners to super cool prints, you can find EVERYTHING quirky here. You can check out there Website and Instagram for more. 

Until next time, Aashi Adani ?

Photo Courtesy – Siddharth Shah


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