Oh! How i dread wearing shirts! To talk about it in detail, the concept of shirts always seemed very formal to me and was never in my list of fashionable things. But, little did i know that a little shirt recipe could change my entire opinion
about them!

Here are my ingredients for the perfect shirt recipe:
Take a Crop top
Add high waist pants
Add a gorgeous and bright neckpiece 
Put on the shirt (unbuttoned)
The result: A fun and colourful outfit!
Even if you’re someone who works, you could pair up a shirt with a pencil skirt and add an elegant neckpiece to make your boring office outfit F-U-N!


A tip: never underestimate the power of accessories because a little piece of jewellery has the power to transform your entire outfit so choose your accessories wisely and with as much care as picking your clothes out! 
Here’s how a little statement neckpiece changed my outfit!








Photo Courtesy  – Tirth Vohera

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