As most of you can tell by the uselessness of your perfumes and make up, summer is here to bite us. It gets really difficult to find clothes that won’t make you sweat like a pig.Here with the help of Addery Fashion House I’ve created looks that would go just perfectly for any occasion in summer.
For a day out on the beach, wear something short which allows your skin to breathe and is comfortable enough if you intend to get into the sea. Pro tip: Always carry shades and sun block for a beach outing. Now, the first outfit that I’ve picked – courtesy of Addery Fashion House – has a beautiful crochet top and floral shorts! I’ve paired it up with these cool shades and a small necklace to give it that summery look. I would definitely wear this for a day at the beach!

Next up, for a brunch look, I went for something simple and comfortable! Not too dressy but pretty stylish if I may say so.
I’ve picked this pair of coordinates that has a flowy chiffon and cotton blended with soft prints! It is super comfortable, doesn’t make you feel hot and has that edgy feel about it. I’ve paired it up with these sunglasses and oxidised earrings! 

The third outfit is a basic floral dress which you can wear almost anywhere! To the movies or for lunch or for just a fun day out. It has a great material too! I’ve paired it up with just some basic slippers and stud earrings! You can change your shoes and accessories according to where you’re going!

For dinners or night outs, pick an outfit which is trendy! Something with a little cut is always gold and sure is a show stealer!
The last 2 outfits are my absolute favourites! Both give me the feel of a ballerina who is ready to go out on a dinner date.
You can pick either depending on how dressy you’re feeling. I’ve paired the white one with red heels & some lipstick which is just enough for the dress to be the main element.
The black one is a flared high low dress with a flowered tube! I’ve paired it up with basic black heels and a big gold finger ring!

So, these are all my favourite picks for a perfect summer day that I couldn’t have shown to you guys without the help of Addery Fashion House who very kindly let me pick these outfits out of their collection. A BIG SHOUTOUT TO ADDERY FASHION HOUSE !
Addery Fashion House has a great collection of perfect dresses for any occasion! Check them out on instagram @adderyfashionhouse or their website!
Also comment below and let me know which is your favourite outfit!❤

Photo Courtesy: Tirth Vohera

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