It is a myth that only high end products can last you all day in the summer.
So, here I am, presenting to you guys make up which is not only affordable, but will also last you all day long. It is also travel friendly and easily accessible in any store!

Talking about summer, it is really important to apply sunblock EVERY TIME you step out of your house but, it only makes sense if it works effectively. So, here I am to help you guys out with the good stuff. I have been using the Nivea sunblock for the past 3 years. You can use it on your body and face both. It has SPF PA ++ with a thick consistency to keep you protected all day!

                            INR 315

Now, I am aware of the fact that your make-up keeps sliding off in this heat and that some primers can get really expensive but this Nivea Men Cooling After Shave Balm is a game changer. It has a watery consistency which is why you will need to use just a dab of it on your finger and then onto your face. But if you have an oily skin, use a lesser amount because this cannot control the oil on your face. It definitely will make sure your make up does not slide at all though!

INR 245

For your base, I have 2 options – a foundation and a BB cream. Now, I have a combination skin which means i have an oily T zone but the rest of my face is normal. So it’s really important that I use products which are really light weight otherwise it looks cakey.

This Lakmé 9 to 5 weightless mousse foundation is so light on the skin that you might forget that you’re even wearing any foundation! It is pretty matte and has a medium coverage but it is build able! It is perfect even for an everyday basis.

If you still need a lighter alternative, the Garnier BB Cream is the way to go! It’s very light weight, has low but build able coverage and also has SPF 24 PA +++! It’s my favourite BB cream and it also is matte.

                                    INR 69

Now to set your foundation you need great compacts, even if you want a touch up.
I really like the Maybelline Superfresh and the Tips & Toes Compact. These two are great and so sturdy you could put it in your bag and go. Both of these come with a mirror and an applicator which makes it even more convenient. I love both of them equally.

              INR 150 – PEARL                       INR 180 – 02 NATURAL LIGHT

Moving onto eyes, I have 4 options for you
1)Lakmé Absolute Precision Liquid Liner:
Pros ✔
Thin Tip for easy application
Dries quickly
Cannot be used as kaajal
Not water or smudge proof
2)Faces Magneteyes:
Pros only✔
Rolls up and down
Smudge Proof
Water Proof
Can we used as liner and Kaajal
3) Lotus Colorkick Kaajal
Rolls up and down
Water Proof
Can be used as Liner and Kaajal
Smudges after 3 – 4 hours

    INR 356                              INR 175                              INR 170

“On a bad day, there’s alway mascara.” This is so true! The Maybelline Colossal Mascara not only gives you nice volume and longer lashes, but will also last all day long. It is water and smudge proof. You might have a hard time removing it completely. It’s so perfect for those days when you want a plain face but just need to give your eyes a pop!

INR 375

Last, but definitely not the least are the lips.
Now the lipsticks I have picked have a great shade range and all the colours are absolutely stunning. Yet, I’ve picked only these 2 shades because it’s summer and I like bright colours for it.
So my first option is the Lakmé 9 to 5 creaseless lipstick in the shade Fushia Field!
It’s a bright pink and really matte but comfortable to wear. If you eat and drink, these will fade but leave a light stain. It is also suitable for mostly all skin tones.
Second option is the Maybelline Colourshow in the shade Orange Icon. It’s a bright coral orange with a satin finish. It is a calm shade and not something in your face which is why i like it. It too leaves a pretty stain on your lips after eating and is comfortable to wear.

                 INR 338 (on amazon)                           INR 220

With this, I conclude my go to summer make up products. If you found this useful, please comment and tell me what you liked☺

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Until next time,
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