You’ve got a date with a handsome guy you just met, and you want to grab his attention. Instead of searching through your closet in a panic, it’s time to take a step back. Regroup. Relax. Remain calm. We got you. For today’s post I teamed up with EAVAN collections. They are an online brand which caters to all your fashion needs. They have a huge collection of dresses, tops, jeans, jackets and a lot more in so many different trends. You can have a look at heir collection here.  Moving on, here are a few pointers for you to keep in mind for your date outfit:


  1. Your goal on a date is to be approachable. Accordingly, you want to wear something that’s flirtatious and feminine, specifically: a summer dress in soft fabrics. A first date is not the time to experiment with a new, daring trend. It’s more important to feel comfortable and your best, which means wearing clothes that suit your body type and personal style. And if you are completely confused about your style, I suggest you stick to a classic dress.
  2. If you know you’re going to be walking a lot, avoid purchasing a new pair of heels that you will have to break in. You wouldn’t want a painful shoe to ruin your day/night, would you? Instead, stick with a style you know is comfortable and sexy, like pumps or wedges. I am wearing my very trusted nude heels which are no too high and very comfortable.
  3.  Again, this isn’t the time or place to experiment with daring beauty trends. The key is to emphasise your features. Avoid piling on concealer and false eyelashes, and draw attention to your gorgeous eyes with mascara and liner, or plump your lips with bright pinks.
  4.  There’s nothing worse than imagining what you’re going to wear, and then being completely disappointed by it when standing in front of the mirror, ten minutes before your date arrives. Remove this kind of last-minute stress by choosing your outfit (and trying it on) the night before. Do it with a friend if you need support. 

My gorgeous dress from Eavan collection, is such a throwback to retro ‘50s silhouettes, this style smacks of feminine, flirtatious allure, especially when paired with comfortable heels and my favourite chain. I also love the little cold shoulder detailing. This frock is the perfect companion. If you are on a hunt for a great outfit for your date or any other occasion, I highly suggest you to check out Eavan‘s collection. They are currently on sale upto 50 per cent off! So make the most of it.

Until next time, Aashi Adani!


Photo Courtesy: Siddharth Shah




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