If you love to live in flats, you’re in luck because today’s post has got you covered. I teamed up with Top Crop India to show you this pair of really vibrant pair of flats from their collection. These shoes are your answer to quickly slipping out the door while looking polished and put-together—all without the hassle of heels. Why? Not only are the stylish slip-ons versatile and easy to wear when you’re on the go, they’re guaranteed to still look different then your plain slip ons.

Whether you’re running last-minute errands or preparing to travel, you probably need a reliable pair of flats that will keep you stylish and comfortable at the same time. From a simple and classic black option to an eye-catching color and style. I suggest wearing  this with an all black or all white outfit to bring a pop of color. And if you are like me, then go for all color everything! The best part about these flats is that it comes with a comfortable ankle strap which is like a blessing for people like me with really tiny feet. You can adjust the strap and make it fit you perfectly.

Whatever your flavour of flat footwear is, they have decoded the cool barometer of gloriously practical but bang-on brilliant shoes in with really different designs and pop bright colours. Ladies, walk this way. HAHA GEDDIT? You can see their collection on their Website or Instagram !

Until next time, Aashi Adani!



Photo Courtesy – Siddharth Shah


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