Every time I wear a strapless top or a halter top, I receive a lot of messages from you girls asking what I am wearing under it. So here I am, answering all your queries to what I wear under a lot of my outfits. This is not something you HAVE TO do. If you’re comfortable with a bra or something showing through your outfit, that’s absolutely fine. I just think that with a bra popping out, you take away the look of your strapless tops/dresses. Here are my go to undergarment options:

THE STRAPLESS BRA: Yes, I know. This is extremely common but you are not comfortable in it. For many of my friends, they feel that the bra would keep slipping down as well. The issue with this is that you need to find the bra that FITS YOU PERFECTLY! The cheap way to do it is obviously take off the straps of your every day bra which fits you perfectly. Otherwise, you should most definitely go to a good store like La Senza or Amante where they have someone who will help you find your right size. Always jump around a little in the changing room to see if the bra is not slipping down. If you have bigger boobs, it might a be a little more difficult for you to contain your breasts in a strapless bra which is why you should always go for a full cup.

PRO TIP – When you wear this kind of a bra and you feel it slipping a little, don’t pull it up from the front, instead pull up the band on the back, this will ensure your bra stays in place for a long time.


This one is perfect for you guys if you just CANNOT find your perfect strapless bra. It is a little more uncomfortable than the strapless one because it is stuck to your body. The strapless bra can absorb your sweat throughout the day but the silicone ones can’t so it does get a little hot as well. On the plus side, this makes all your backless outfits look stunning.



This one is perfect for any size! Bralettes are something you can move around wearing every single day. It isn’t tight or uncomfortable at all. Also, if it shows, it is still pretty. You can wear it under mesh, deep necks, spaghetti and what not! I currently have 2 favourite bralettes which is the caged one and the cross one. Here is how I style it:


So these are my top 4 go to bras for all my fancy shoulders and necklines. I hope you enjoyed this post and it hopefully helped you out as well.

Until next time, Aashi Adani! <3




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